Friday, 17 April 2015

Fragrant Frangipanis

The flowering season for frangipanis is drawing to a close: such a shame! Frangipanis require no special care... just a little feeding during the growing season and a little extra water during dry spells. Otherwise, they are very easy to manage. Below are the plants succeeding in our garden...

Grown from cuttings, this special frangipani will be a large plant on maturity, and may need regular trimming. One of its attractive features is that the flowers vary in colour as the weather varies. Please note the two photographs to the left. We do not know the name of this variety.

'Bali Whirl' is a slower-growing plant. We purchased it at the Fairfield Markets.

Another cutting-grown plant which is a slower-growing variety. It produces large bunches of sweet-smelling blooms.

Also cutting-grown variety. This is our latest addition which at the moment is establishing itself in a pot. It has a lovely range of colours within each panicle.

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