Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Unusual Characteristics of a Maha Chanok Seedling

 The Facts...

Picked...  April 1
Ripe...     April 15 (Sydney)
Weight... 1.1kg
Colour... Yellow Background. There was a   red blush on the top of two smaller mangoes.
Flavour...  Sweet, mild
Texture... Custard-like
Fibre...     Almost fibre-free
Seed...      Flat and curved, similar to Maha Chanok or Nam Dok Mai and other Thai mangoes. Poly-embryonic.

The flavour was clearly reminiscent of Maha Chanok mangoes. However, its size, shape and polyembryonic seed are not representative of the Maha Chanok parent.

The seed obtained from this precious tree has been planted. However, the chances of a successful sprouting are low due to the impending onset of our Sydney winter. 

What a pleasant surprise it has been to have grown such delicious mangoes from seed! 

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