Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Home Grown Pineapples... Mmm, Mmm!

Two Smooth and One Rough Pineapples. Note the different tops.
Grown from the tops of purchased fruit, our pineapples are prospering. During the summer, we harvested two pineapples, and at the moment, we have another four on the way. 

It has taken three years for the first fruits to develop. However, we understand that, as we harvest our pineapples, new side-shoots will grow and bear fruit within two years... we will be patient to test this theory.

Rough Leaf Pineapple
Unfamiliar with the specific names, we are content to tell you that we have Smooth-Leaf and Rough Leaf Pineapples. The former are juicier than the latter. However, the Rough Pineapples are golden-yellow and ever so sweet.

Sydney pineapples are small in comparison with their Queensland cousins but are very flavoursome. Beware, however, when weeding your pineapple patch: they can be nasty to bare skin!

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