Saturday, 4 April 2015

Limau Kasturi

The Kasturi Lime is a small, attractive tree with many appealing qualities. Placed in the fragrance section of our garden, the flowers of the Limau Kasturi (× Citrofortunella microcarpa) emit a similar, captivating aroma to other citrus trees. Unlike other citrus, however, its flowers are not seasonal: rather it will produce new flowers and fruit throughout the growing season. In addition, the picked fruit also have a distinctive, pleasant aroma. 

After falling in love with refreshing Ais Limau (Lime Juice drink) in Malaysia, I searched high and low to discover the parent plant of this delightful fruit. So, my research finally led me to this source... Limau Kasturi can be purchased under the name, Australian Calamondin.

Apart from drinks, the Kasturi lime is also a key component in our Malaysian sambal dishes, and is delightful in black tea.

In our recipes section, I have posted my version of Ais Limau.

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