Monday, 6 April 2015

Luscious Lemongrass

Lemongrass (Serai) forms attractive grassy tussocks upon reaching maturity. In Sydney, these can be a metre high and perhaps a little wider. It requires no special care after planting: just a little fertiliser and an occasional watering in dry times.

After winter has passed your lemongrass will need a 'haircut'. Clear out dead leaves and stems so that new stems can grow through as the weather warms. I cut the waste materials to use as mulch in weedy sections of the garden. 

A new plant growing from division
During the clean-out of your tussocks, take some healthy stems and plant these out in warm parts of the garden. These divisions normally strike readily in the warming spring months, providing you with new strong plants.

Importantly, do not be afraid to use your lemongrass because the removal of stems will encourage the growth of more young stems.

Serai is an important ingredient in the cuisines of many Southeast Asian cultures. Its lemony essences are redolent in Malaysian curry dishes, and can be used in sate sauces for added flavour. We have also used it to flavour grilled or barbecued beef and pork dishes.

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