Friday, 3 April 2015

 Rainforest Discoveries

From Tanah Rata in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia, we journeyed more than 50 kilometres by road towards Gua Musang, then 3 kilometres by bog! At one point, we had to decamp from the Jeeps, so that they could progress. At a clearing we jumped from the Jeeps – it was about midday, and walked… and walked… and walked… through beautiful rainforest, along boggy tracks. The guides cut us some walking poles so that we should not fall face-first into the mud. Then, as the sun returned to steam us like mud-crabs they cut us bamboo tubes filled with rain water to keep us hydrated. 

Close to our final destination, we took a false trail past a decomposing Rafflesia flower. Fortunately, we arrived at the true scene ahead of most of the other participants, whom we had been trailing. Emerging over a rise, there it was… what we had come to seek and to see… a stunningly beautiful reddish Rafflesia... Rafflesia speciosa, we believe. And there were many buds scattered in the vicinity too. 

Besides the glorious Rafflesia, we also saw this unusual Beehive Ginger.

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