Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Big Rain

The past three days mark the heaviest period of rainfall since we moved into this home in 2011. Over New South Wales we have experienced the most relentless period of rain for the past seventeen years or more in some areas. 

Our neighbourhood has received about 200 millimetres of rain, but we have been very lucky to have suffered so little storm damage, compared with other districts.

Our only loss was a fruiting sugar banana tree which came down in the winds of Tuesday: this can be replaced. In fact, we have been considering removing the sugar banana because it is too tall and too large for comfortable handling.  

Other than this we watched, with just a little concern, as the water levels rose around our home as the rain plummeted today. With the easing of conditions, so eased our concerns.

And with the easing of the heavy rain, our backyard stream dissipated.

Pathway Fit for Wading

Our Backyard Stream
Our Fallen Banana Tree
Morris Pays a Visit

One of the bright spots this afternoon was a visit by Morris the Miner bird who braved a pause in the rainfall. Morris regularly visits the Grevillea bushes visible through our family room doors...

We wonder where Morris sought refuge from the terrible downpours of the past few days!? 

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