Sunday, 10 May 2015

First Star-fruit Harvest

Our first star fruit
The last days of autumn have brought us our first harvest of star-fruit (carambola) this week. The fruit had a beautiful flavour but were a very 'siap-siap', leaving our tongues rather furry. 

Our decision was to juice the first four stars. The resultant juice was satisfactory but we need to work on the balance of fruit to water and sugar. As we become happier with our juice-making skills we will post our recipe. As those of you have tasted this juice, it is one of the most delectable of fruit juices.

As a first crop ripening in the final days of autumn there is potential. We look forward to the next crop of fruit ripening through late spring and summer...
Some of the remaining crop
it is to be noted that the tree continues to flower profusely through our cooler evenings, but is not setting any more fruit at the moment.

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