Sunday, 17 May 2015

Late Autumn Harvest

As autumn wends into winter, our weekend harvests are diminishing, but still plentiful...

This weekend's harvest has been especially varied: choy sum and kai laan for evening vegetables; star-fruit; green papaya; kasturi and pineapple. 

The star-fruits have been used to make tasty juice, and our Smooth Pineapple, while mis-shapen, was delicious. Home-grown is always the way!

We are also fortunate to have Thai Basil (selasih) and Lemon Basil (kemangi) available for the next few weeks.

As our harvest of current vegetables becomes fewer, we will welcome the first pickings of snow and snap peas... and this week we will be planting out our yao mak (Little Gem Lettuce) seedlings - these make a superb stir-fry.

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