Saturday, 30 May 2015

Melaka... A Rich Cultural Heritage

Every year when we visit Malaysia, we take a day-trip to Melaka. Why? Melaka has a rich cultural history... it is World Heritage listed... and consequently many interesting places to visit. Our typical excursion would include a two-hour drive from Klang, a visit to a place of interest, then lunch at one of Melaka's famous Baba Nonya restaurants... Remember that these restaurants serve dishes which have evolved from the inter-marriage of the Chinese and Malay peoples - therefore, a fusion of their respective cooking styles and ingredients.
An absolutely delicious Nonya meal 

During our past visit to Melaka, we called into the beautiful Restoran Peranakan in Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lok. The restaurant is housed in a beautiful, historically-listed building. Standing outside, you are attracted by the ornate floor tiles. On entry, one must be impressed by the high ceilings and the authentic furniture and decor of a time past... you are taken back, imagining what it must have been like to assemble the family for an evening meal in this splendid old home.

And the food? Delicious! We ordered rendang (dry beef curry), sambal sotong (chilli squid) and sambal bendi (chilli okra).

With the main course completed we wandered across the road to the Kocik Kitchen for cendol, a famous Malaysian shaved ice sweet, the basic ingredients of which are coconut milk, green pandan-flavoured jelly noodlesand palm sugar. In the heat of this tropical nation, cendol is always a soothing treat.
Traditional Sarong Kebaya outfits for sale

So, after lunch? The history of this place absorbs you... More grand homes in this former Millionaire's Row and many specialty businesses, some catering for tourists. We visited clothing shops selling the traditional Sarong Kebaya outfit and purchased the famous, delectable pineapple tarts, enough for the whole family.

In this historic section of Melaka you will walk a lot. Please take the time to absorb the sights and aromas of a time long gone!

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