Monday, 27 July 2015

Banana Bonanza
The past two days have provided us a bonanza of beautiful bananas. Yesterday we harvested a plentiful crop of Aussie Lady Finger Bananas which grow very well in the Sydney region. Today we harvested our first crop from a gift plant: we suspect our 'gift' banana to be Chek Namva from Cambodia. In Thailand this banana is called Khluai Namwa and in Malaysia it is known as Pisang Awak.

Pisang Awak

In terms of management the Chek Namva is an easier proposition. The tree is shorter and its stem is not nearly as heavy as the Lady Finger banana. In fact as we age we are finding the Lady Finger difficult to harvest due to its height. For this reason, it is our intention to remove the Lady Finger, replacing it with a smaller banana variety. This is a shame because the Lady Finger produces high quality fruit.

I will place a blog-post in the near future about the cultivation techniques which we have been using for our cool-climate bananas.

Lady Finger Banana

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