Monday, 13 July 2015

Mid-Winter Snow Peas
So, winter has arrived. Traditionally, it is the quiet time for most gardens in Sydney. Luckily we have continued to enjoy some fresh produce throughout what has become a rather cold winter, with regular pickings of choy sum, kai laan, and most recently, of snow peas and sugar snap peas.

The peas have grown sturdily and cropped well this season. In preparing for their planting, it is important to fertilise and mulch well, using some lime as a dressing in acid soils. They will sprout quickly if planted in the declining warmth of autumn - I like to plant in late March or early April - but will require some support as they can grow tall in good conditions. It is also possible to plant a second crop as the weather starts to warm in early spring. However, with the onset of hot weather, the yield will decline and the bushes will wither.

We use our snap peas and snow peas, whole in stir-fried dishes or green curries, or sliced for colour in fried rice. They are a valued and tasty addition to the winter vegetable menu, but make sure you pick them before they become too old and tough.
A healthy crop of sugar snap and snow peas.

Beautiful flowers of choy sum. Allow your best plant to self-seed
White flowers of kai laan.

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