Monday, 21 September 2015

100 Years of Mango Tree

The 100 Years Old Mango 
Changkat Keruing is a small, scenic village in Perak, Malaysia. It lies between the larger towns of Ayer Tawar and Pantai Remis, and is not far from the major city of Ipoh. Its most outstanding feature is the beautiful river which wends its way past the town. 

Apart from the absolute serenity of this charming little village, there are two local icons which have attracted my attention. 

Some smashed sculptures beside the river
The first is a glorious mango tree, reputed by the locals to be in excess of 100 years old. This behemoth stands majestically above a roadside eating house (rumah makan). During the bearing season the tree still produces a profusion of small, plump, green-skinned fruit. These are very juicy but rather sour and less meaty compared with modern mango varieties. 

The second attraction has been less fortunate. Lining the banks of the river are a number of stone-carvings of animals and other figures, including a mermaid. Damaged by floodwaters, the carvings are a shadow of their beautiful past. In their heyday, these decorations must have been a source of pride and a focal point for the citizens.

The river itself is lined with mangrove trees... One of these days I would love to fish these rather peaceful waters. Catch or no catch, this would be a rewarding experience. Camera at the ready, I am sure that I would capture some splendid shots of the local wildlife.

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