Sunday, 20 September 2015

Mango Flowering 
Maha Chanok Seedling

 It is pleasant to watch the development of flowers on prized trees. Of our mangoes, the Maha Chanok seedling is furthest along the path to flowering. It has many healthy, developing pannicles.

Nam Dok Mai Seedling
The Nam Dok Mai seedling has just begun to send up its flowering heads. These look healthy enough at the moment. Last year this tree flowered unsuccessfully, its flowers perhaps affected by anthracnose.

Our third backyard mango, a Harumanis seedling, is very young. Time will dictate whether developing buds are solely leaf or are the first flowers of a juvenile tree. We hold no expectation of fruit with our fragrant Harumanis... next year, perhaps.

All of the trees are being sprayed with a copper-based spray in an effort to fend off anthracnose infections which will cause flower-drop and a loss of productivity. I will follow the flowering and fruiting of the mango trees in future posts.

Harumanis buds
Young Harumanis seedling

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