Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Relaxing by the Pond
Netting to keep out long-legged fish bandits

A water feature in a suburban yard? It provides a supply of water for visiting birds and for our cat. At times, too, it has provided a safe haven for frogs which serenade us at night. 

Water pump, filter and cascade
In fact, it was an initial priority in the establishment of the yard in order to provide new and appropriate lodgings for our Comet and Shubunkin Goldfish. These were being held temporarily in a plastic lined 'hole in the ground' after moving from their luxurious pond in country New South Wales.

The pond measures about seven square metres in surface area and is a simple construction using PVC pond liner with newspaper and sand 'shock absorption'. It is lined with flat bush rock obtained from a local nursery and trimmed with red stone removed from the yard itself during clearing and landscaping.

Edging plants are essentially natives. Our aim is to attract native wildlife to the yard by providing a water supply and some native wildflowers: the spring and autumn colour of these plants is also a highlight for us. Inside the pond there are a number of plants, native and exotic, including Vietnamese Mint (laksa leaf) which grows rampantly, and a yellow water lily.

The pond is the focal point of our back garden... You have to cross its simple bridge to gain access to the rear of the yard... You can sit on the garden bench and be relaxed by the soothing sounds of falling water... Or you can admire it from the rear rooms of the home.

The fish are happy...
The frogs sing on summer evenings...
Even the birds are thankful... 

Just be mindful of that long-legged fish thief!

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