Sunday, 6 September 2015

Spring Fruit Tree Flowering
 As the weather warms, our fruit trees are pushing up to bud. The first flowers are forming on our Maha Chanok seedling mango. The seedling tree has strengthened immeasurably through the past growing season, and so we have an expectation of a fine little crop from this tree again this year. 

During the week I will be begin the first fortnightly application of a copper spray to combat any anthracnose infection: we have had four nights in succession of light rain and humid days which could encourage such an outbreak.

Our young pink pomelo is also producing its spring blossom. Note in the photograph that the young tree has been hit rather hard by citrus leaf miner over the summer months. These infected leaves will be removed and disposed of this week so that one infestation does not lead to another.

It would appear that this young pomelo is much more susceptible to this problem than two other small citrus trees growing nearby which only suffered light infestations of the leaf miner. All the citrus trees will receive regular sprays of eco-oil in an attempt to combat the leaf-miner.

Finally, our kasturi lime is in abundant flower, emitting a sweet aroma at the front of our home. The kasturi is an abundant bearer of little fruit for drinks and to season dishes.

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