Saturday, 31 October 2015

An Interesting Garden Artist
Spring 2014

For only the second occasion we have made a sighting within our garden of the St Andrew's Cross Spider. Normally, spiders would not hold my attention. However, this spider is hard to miss with its distinctive white silk zig-zag cross within its doily-shaped web.
Spring 2015

Our first sighting was last spring. The female St Andrew's Cross Spider had constructed a web within our macadamia tree at just about head height. Luckily, the web was not in a high traffic area of our garden and could be avoided.

This spring morning, I have stumbled across another beautiful web and spider within a small grove of Alstroemeria plants, a remnant plant from the old home garden, prior to our demolition and rebuild. This web could easily have been overlooked if not for the flowering of the alstroemeria lilies.
Mae Wang, Thailand, July 2014

The females have a banded upper abdomen with two yellow stripes underneath. When inactive, they sit astride their cross with their legs paired. In the second sighting this morning the spider appeared to have made a capture and was holding its 'victim' with one pair of its hind legs.

I am by no means an expert on spiders. However, there is excellent information on the website of the Australian Museum regarding the St Andrew's Cross Spider.

As an aside we have seen a similar species of cross-building spider at Mae Wang Waterfall in Thailand.

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