Saturday, 3 October 2015

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Large Brunfelsia shrub in Botanic Gardens, Georgetown, Penang
Seen in many Malaysian gardens and going by the name of Semalam, Hari Ini dan Esok, Brunfelsia species are beautiful shrubs for two reasons.

Its chief appeal is the fact that during the spring flowering season the shrub will hold blossoms of three colours... violet, lilac and white... fading as the blossoms age. 

Its other appeal is its sweet perfume.
Our dwarf form

Our shrub is a dwarf variety of Brunfelsia Bonodora, at the moment standing a little more than a metre high. It might look a little tatty after a frosty winter, but it will roar back to life as the spring weather warms, presenting its packed array of three-coloured flowers against its fresh green finery. Its flowering should continue from September until November.

Beautiful three-coloured flowers

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