Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Mango Flowering... What a Difference a Year Makes
View 1... Maha Chanok seedling 2015

Flowering season for Sydney mangoes is coming to an end. Of interest to me was to study and compare the flowering of our Maha Chanok seedling tree - now in its fourth year - with photos taken this year and last.

View 2... Maha Chanok seedling 2015
The four photos displayed in this post were taken on the same day, November 3rd, in the respective years. Quite clearly, the Maha Chanok seedling has produced abundant flowers in 2015. However, the setting of juvenile fruit is sparser and less advanced. Keeping in mind that this tree produced its first three mangoes last March and April, it will be interesting to compare the quantity and timing of its bearing in 2015... First appearances would suggest not to set one's hopes too high! 

The final photo is representative of the flowering of our Nam Dok Mai seedling, also in its fourth year of growth. It has flowered densely and appears to be setting many more juvenile fruit than the Maha Chanok, although its flowering is lagging behind its counterpart. Last year's first crop split and dropped. Perhaps we will be rewarded with a small first crop this year.
View 1... Maha Chanok seedling 2014

View 2... Maha Chanok seedling 2014

Nam Dok Mai seedling 2015

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