Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Mango Surprise: Nam Doc Mai
7cm of Nam Dok Mai mango

This is an exciting time of the year for those with young mango trees as the fruits begin to form and enlarge after the spring flowering. One wonders whether the profuse flowering of the youthful trees will lead to a successful, but small, harvest of fruit. This is also a time for reflection about the growing characteristics of the trees. So where do we stand?

Our Nam Doc Mai seedling is our mango surprise. Despite regular spraying many of the flower panicles blackened off, while a large number of immature fruit appeared to have suffered damage, either from fungal attack or from damage due to a small hail storm which we experienced in November. These damaged fruit were quickly shed from the tree. 

A smaller fruit

This month, however, our disappointment turned to surprise and excitement. When clipping away the remnant flower stalks, two lovely little Nam Doc Mai fruit were uncovered on the interior of the plant. Is it possible that their interior location protected them from hail damage?

Mindful of the splitting of last year's first two fruit, fertiliser will be withheld until harvest. Furthermore, we will be very careful not to over-water. Being only in its fourth year, the tree will require some water if dry weeks are ahead...

You can follow the progress of our seedling mango trees over the past year by clicking on the mango label of the blog.

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