Thursday, 24 December 2015

Water for Butterflies

Just as butterflies require food sources in a garden setting, they also need a source of water. With the continuing development of our front yard, we have recently prepared two water sources.

The first was the purchase of a pedestal bird bath. It is never filled completely, acting as a shallow water source. Within the bird bath we have placed 'perching' stones, places upon which the butterflies can land to drink... Needless to say the bird bath elicits visits from our local birds too! 

 Our most recent inclusion is rather simple: a pot drip tray. It has been arranged in a similar way to the pedestal bird bath, except that it has been placed at ground level. Over time, the tray will be edged with low growing flowering plants and flat native rock... at the moment it is rather like a sore thumb!

The idea for providing water sources came from simple observations. One butterfly visitor was photographed resting on a rock in our fish pond, while another beautiful migrant was observed seeking water from a patio after the garden had been watered.

At this point we cannot claim success with our plantings and arrangements for the front butterfly garden... However, we are encouraged. Below are some recent sightings...

Monarch butterfly on paving
Caper White drinking from wet paving
Common Crow butterfly feeding on Kasturi Lime flower

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