Friday, 22 January 2016

Pea Eggplant… A ‘Tree’ for the Ages

Unlike any other eggplant which we have grown, the Pea Eggplant has become a beacon within our garden. Much taller and faster-growing than we had expected, reaching well over two metres in height, clearly it has received ideal growing conditions with its location alongside a composting bin. It will definitely need to be pruned severely in the autumn. 

October 2015. Seven months in the ground...

It is a productive tree. During the removal of one of our trees and the pruning of our main pea eggplant – it was overshadowing our four-year old mango tree - we collected a large coffee jar of pea-sized fruits. Some of the fruits were utilised in a green curry. However, the rest of the shiny green produce we have attempted to ‘pickle’ in a similar fashion to olives. To this time, we have not cooked with the pickled version of the pea eggplants. An experiment to savour!

January 2016. Ten months in the ground... The fence is 1800mm (6ft) in height

…and the little spiders still reside within their protective, thorny haven!

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