Saturday, 6 February 2016

A Season First... and a Second 

Yesterday marked our first small harvest of kasturi limes. They have been rather late maturing this season, causing us to miss out on delicious lime-enhanced sambals and kasturi lime drinks.

Ready for harvest for cooking purposes but probably not suitable for planting, the seeds of the kasturi lime will germinate very readily… However, they are best harvested for seed-planting when their rind has turned orange.

Yesterday also marked our ‘second’ serving of okra. Okra plants do not flush in the same way as beans, for example: day-by-day, one needs to harvest and collect young okra horns. They will keep for a few days, refrigerated in a brown bag or in newspaper.

So, why would one combine okra and kasturi limes in the same post?

The reason is that okra is the most delightful subject for sambal dishes… chilli, kasturi lime, sugar, serai (lemon grass) and onion are the key ingredients of a delicious, fiery Malaysian sauce suitable for hard vegetables and seafood. Sambal bendi… so tasty!

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