Thursday, 25 August 2016


A holiday in Malaysia is always fascinating. However, one of the striking impressions of West Malaysia is the multitude of butterflies to be seen cruising and flitting about, even in urban areas.

Below is a selection of photos taken during our recent holiday...

The Lesser Dart is a rapid flier. Here, photographed resting in  the garden of a family member near Klang.

This Lime Butterfly was photographed in the same garden near Klang. It had alighted upon a dying papaya leaf.
Feeding on Bidens alba, a weedy member of the Aster genus, the Striped Albatross was a visitor to the Tibetan Temple, near Ipoh. This butterfly was a regular sighting during our visit.

A Lemon Emigrant photographed in Klang.

Photographed in Klang too, the Plain Tiger is easy to photograph due to its 'relaxed' flight pattern. I imagine that it is not a tasty meal for possible predators.
The Red Helen appears to have taken a liking to a mass planting of Periwinkle (Vinca sp) plants. It, too, was photographed near Klang.
The Straight Banded Catseye was photographed at ground level, attempting to camouflage itself.  The photo was taken near dusk at Tambun, Ipoh.
A Mottled Emigrant attracted to the colourful flowers of a bougainvillea in the township of Batu Gajah.
A Crimson Speckled Flunkey clings to its target plant in Batu Gajah.
A Blue Pansy butterfly feeding on Bidens alba. When its wings are opened flat, the Blue Pansy is a most remarkably-coloured species. This individual was photographed in Batu Gajah.
A Common Five Ring photographed along a bush path at Benum Hill Resort.
Along the same bush path, we photographed this Grass Yellow. Benum Hill Resort, near the township of Raub in Pahang, is an excellent venue for butterfly sightings.
Another member of the Dart family of butterflies. Benum Hill Resort.
A male Blue Moon or Eggfly. Benum Hill Resort.
A Common Evening Brown hiding in the undergrowth near a pond at Benum Hill Resort.
Bamboo Tree Brown. Benum Hill Resort.
A fearless Dark Blue Tiger takes a rest on outdoor furniture. Benum Hill Resort.
Common Palmfly. Benum Hill Resort.
A male Cruiser briefly settled at Benum Hill Resort.
Anderson's Grass Yellow at Benum Hill Resort. The Grass Yellows are difficult specimens to photograph. They are small and easily disturbed from their resting places.
A Rustic Butterfly seeking nectar. Photographed at Qing Xin Ling Leisure and Cultural Village near Ipoh. 
The butterflies were in profusion after the rain at Qing Xin Ling. This is a Commander Butterfly.

This beautiful Little Maplet appears to be wearing pyjamas. Qing Xin Ling Leisure and Cultural Village.

Lemon Pansy Butterfly at Qing Xin Ling...

A Common Mormon seeks out traces of water in this section of crushed stone paving at Qing Xin Ling.
A Malay Yeoman Butterfly at Qing Xin Lin, Ipoh.

The same Malay Yeoman in a different pose. It had rained heavily the previous evening, and the butterflies were taking advantage of the damp walkways to drink. 

This yellow butterfly appears to be a Lesser Gull. Like many of the other species, it was puddling at Qing Xin Ling.

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