Sunday, 26 March 2017

Harumanis Seedling... New Mango First Fruit

It is certainly an exciting time when a young tree produces its first fruit. So, it has been for us…

Over the past three weeks, we have enjoyed the delicious mangoes from our original Maha Chanok Seedling mango tree, and we continue to pick its luscious produce. At the same time, however, in the third week of March, we picked the first fruit from our Harumanis Seedling tree: just one, about 550-gram fragrant green fruit.

Green, its skin may have been. Yet, with just a couple of days of indoor ripening, it was ready to consume. Sweet. Juicy. Flavourful. And still green!

Ready to eat... Fragrant, the green skin colour 'yellowed' slightly, the white lenticels prominent
Deep orange-coloured flesh

Polyembryonic Seed. Note the segmentation

The tree was grown from a kitchen-filling aromatic fruit given to us by a close friend. The polyembryonic seed was sprouted in February 2013, and the seedling tree was planted into position the following spring. Following its first flowers in October last year, we have been delivered a first fruit from this sturdy little tree. 

The Harumanis Seedling grows strongly, and I suspect that it will require regular pruning to keep it in bounds

Wishing you hours of enjoyment and contentment in your garden…

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  1. Hi “Colinas” can you advise me as to where I can get Harumanis mango or mango seedlings to grow or get some scions (cuttings) for grafting. Currently I have grafted Mahachanock, Keow savoy and Nam doc Mai, and just bought a grafted“Lemon” mango seedling. My contact email address is